Warriors – join me!

You are invited….to join me at a charity screening of Warriors, a stunning documentary.

Last weekend I ran the Brighton Marathon (have I mentioned this yet? I’ve hardly told a soul 😉 ) and was touched by the support from so many in the form of sponsorship.  Well, I’ve done that now.  I’ve been to an aerobics class and for two runs since the marathon, so I’m well and truly recovered and ready to take on my next challenge.  This includes raising funds for the Divinity Foundation and spreading the word about how ending FGM is a reality.

The Maasai. Cricket. FGM.

Three topics you never thought would combine into a stunning documentary; but it exists and it is coming to a screen near you (if you live near Sevenoaks).  And if you don’t, can you move house in the next month?


Under the shadow of Mount Kenya, a change is coming. The young Maasai Warriors want equal rights and education for girls, an end to FGM, and a change of attitude to HIV/Aids. The way they are going do it – by forming a cricket team.

The Warriors believe sport can inspire the youth and educate the old. They relate the sport to old hunting techniques – the ball is their spear, the bat is their shield – and they have found confidence and a voice through the game.

Whilst the elders are sceptical, the team set out on a journey to play a cricket tournament in the UK, ending with them stepping on to the manicured grass of the world famous Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Maasai wisdom dictates that “the eye that leaves, sees further.” So, upon their return can the team find the courage to challenge their elders .Can cricket really bring change to the region?


When:  7.30pm, 28 May 2017

Where:  Pajoma Hall, Sevenoaks School, TN13 1HU

Tickets cost £10, and the film is a certificate 12.  There will be a cash bar from 7pm.

Buy your tickets here or from www.thespacesevenoaks.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on/


For all the same details please download this flyer – send it to your parents, your family, your WhatsApp groups, your Mums-group, your WI, your church group, your allotment friends, your Dungeons and Dragons buddies, your pet dog, your work colleagues, your music group, your tortoise-care network, your WeightWatchers group, your Formula One insomniac friends, your taxidermy support group. Send it to ANYONE who can get to Sevenoaks that night, because this film is STUNNING!


I’ve been blogging about my running and interspersing it with FGM for weeks now, and every time I’ve wittered on, I wanted to tell you about this film.  When I first saw it, I came out and was speechless – and if you’ve picked up anything from my blog, it’s that speechless is not a normal state for me.

I don’t know the first thing about cricket, but I’m told by those who do that this element of the film alone is brilliant, with James Anderson as an executive producer.  But I do know a bit about FGM now, and this is a fantastic portrayal of the journey the Warriors go on.  Ending FGM is not just about telling groups and communities what to do, what not to do – that doesn’t change attitudes or tackle millennia old traditions.  If you want to learn more about how to really try and make a difference, join me on 28 May 17.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all!! Be there!


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