Are you up to much this weekend?  

There’s a really interesting concert on at the Southbank, with Stravinksy’s Rite of Spring and Colin Currie (my favourite percussionist; it’s good to have one) this evening if you’d like to start the week with a gentle bit of culture. I’m on my way there now. 

Tomorrow 8 April brings:

  • The Grand National for those who want to lose a little money to no end (see below for alternative methods of parting with your hard-earned cash)
  • A Southern rail strike planned for any train non-spotters out there.
  • Andover Water Division will be conduction a Fire Flow Test – watch out for discolouration through your taps. 
  • A super-wonderful-excellent lady, goes by the name Sophie, and some incredible ladies will be celebrating impending nuptials – I do wish I were joining you, have all an absolutely wonderful time and so much fun!!! The one on the left, at a previous poultry-related event 

Sunday 9 April has a couple of things going for it:

  • Sounds like a stonkingly beautiful sunny day in the UK, why not pop to the seaside or the park.  Better still, get yourself an allotment!
  • Palm Sunday often brings a donkey or two out of retirement for a trip to church in the morning
  • Oh, one other idea, the BRIGHTON MARATHON!!


I’ve got two days left to go, so basically, training is over.   I’ve got to keep my head in order (easier said than done).  I’ve got to keep eating and drinking, but not gin apparently. Nor wine.  Nor prosecco.  I think they should include that in the website when you’re signing up to do a marathon.  I knew I’d have to eat carbs, I knew I’d have to run lots…

Now I thought I’d show you how I’ve been kept on track for the last few months. A dear friend of many years popped round to my house a couple of weeks ago and walked in and saw this:

And the lovely Jess said when she came in the living room: ‘my mum said you’d have a big chart on the wall’!

Well it turns out I might not have changed much in the last 20 years. 

But I’ve not really managed to forget what’s coming up. There’ve been one or two reminders. 

So if you feel the neee to rid yourself of your cash but don’t want to give it to the bookies on a failed Grand National runner, you know another runner getting hot bothered and sweaty, and she’s just as happy to take your hard earned dosh. I’d be immensely grateful for any sponsorship. Everything goes directly to Divinity Foundation and they will use it for their work ending FGM in Kenya.

Watch out, you might get a bit more from me over the weekend!


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