One week of nerves left!


With a week to go, this feels like a very different stage of the training.

I’ve been focused on the important things in training so I’m as race-ready as possible next Sunday:

  • I’ve sorted and counted the various pots of coins around the house. Very much looking forward to getting my first new £1!
  • I’ve caught up on my paperwork for something in September (date for the diary – 2 Sept –  Sevenoaks Allotments Autumn Show – 2 Sept – be there or be a cauliflower).
  • I’ve caught up on my washing, pondered a bit of furniture re-arranging, researched and considered investing in a water softener.

I’m certainly not falling prey to distractions around the house.

Back to the running…

Anyway, putting my focus to one side, the big news of this week is running underwear.  Yes!  I surprised myself and have purchased the MOST EXPENSIVE PAIR OF PANTS I’VE EVER BOUGHT! And they’re not even in the slightest bit pretty. They’re very plain and feel sort of spongey.  And called ‘Runderwear’.

And in the last few weeks I’ve noticed some other funny habits develop.

  • It’s not unusual for me to go to bed with an ice-pack between my knees.
  • The idea of running a half marathon is fairly attractive, dare I suggest, I think I’d quite enjoy it.
  • On a run with an absolutely lovely friend, she said I was running too fast!

I’m not sure quite what to make of these latest developments.  I think perhaps I’ve transitioned into a runner.  Argh, how did this happen!


I’ve been so touched by the many generous donations so far, thank you. This is an important part of why I’m doing this.  At the start I said it was a one-off effort, and I can confirm that this is absolutely the case.  I’m not going to be fundraising again like this, so I think I should include the request a little bit more openly in my blogs.  I’m extremely grateful if you are able to sponsor my efforts, and please do so here at 

But why for Divinity Foundation, a charity working to end FGM?  Recently, you might not be surprised, I’ve spent hours and hours listening to podcasts.  Sometimes when I’m reluctant to go on a run, starting a good podcast somehow lures me out of the house and up the hill.  I like to think I’ve become a connoisseur of podcasts.

I heard this one last year, and it has stuck with me – that means it’s good.  There isn’t just one story which encapsulates why we need to end FGM, but this for me, is a really interesting take on how growing up in the west can bring different aspects into a survivor’s story – Mariya lives in the US.  It’s pretty up-front, and she really doesn’t shy away from what she goes through in relation to family and romantic relationships many years after she’s been cut – it’s probably not great dinner-time listening material.  But it’s powerful, and I think, worth half an hour to listen – FGM isn’t just an issue in small parts of Africa – 5% of women in the world live with FGM. 

Or if you don’t want to listen, you can just sponsor me anyway – because ending FGM is so achievable – it’s one of the most unnecessary and harmful practice, and even better, we’re making progress!  So I want to help, just a little, and I’d be so grateful if you could be part of that.  Once more…

Update on Marathon Training with Mummy.

There’s been a bit of interest this week in my mother’s superb efforts after last week’s blog.  Yesterday at coffee, I asked how she’s doing on the 13, 4 and 6 step runs that she promised, as this week I’ve done my 13, 4 and 6 mile runs.  Completely deadpan, without so much as the blink of the eye, I get my reply:

‘I’m saving them up’ says Mummy-F.

Brilliant.  I’ve no idea for what, but she’s saving them up.

7 days left to go. ……… Seven. One week. 7. ……….

Training tracked on Strava this year: 288 miles

Long-term weather forecast for 9 April: 15 degs, partly cloudy. Wouldn’t mind it cooler.

Brighton Marathon, 9 April 2017.


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