Marathon Training with Mummy

Just before the end of Mothering Sunday, and as I spent most of it out running rather than being a good daughter, it seems the right time to share a bit about my mum’s role in this whole effort, and her own superbly unique contributions which have kept me smiling throughout!

She’s no idea I’m doing this blog.  I’ve been wondering if I should offer the ‘right to reply’ …depending on how much I dare include! 🙂

But thank you Mummy, couldn’t have got this far without you. (And please keep going to the end!)

My emergency contact

The tracking app that I use (Strava) has a safety mechanism that someone can see where you are when you’re out running.  I’ve been going off to some places I’m not familiar with so Mummy has been getting random texts sometimes fairly early in the morning.  And I’ve so enjoyed the ‘Well done’ text when she saw me finish.

Today, she saw I stopped for about 10 mins and Strava just had me go around and around, practically on the spot, something weird.  So I got a text from her checking I was OK. Ahh, that’s nice, I hear you say.  That’s what I thought! So the safety system is working – so I reply along the lines of ‘thank you but I stopped to spend a penny and get a drink’. (And a sneaky sit down, don’t tell anyone).

The reply came and included the following excerpts ‘I wasn’t really worried. …. It’d take more than that for me to come and look for you!‘.  Thank you Mummy!  🙂

Advice to listen to the best radio programmes

She told me to listen to a BBC R4 programme about marathon running earlier.

I took away one comment from this.  A lady spoke about how she ran the Brighton Marathon a couple of years ago (MY MARATHON in 2 weeks time), and at mile 19 she BROKE HER HIP!!!! Just running along, broke her hip.  I feel like I’ve got a pretty good worry list already about the day, but now I’ve got to consider adding this to the list.  Thanks Mummy!

My new training partner

She’s also come up with the most excellent motivational idea.  I’m sure you’ve heard of having a training partner.

My mummy text me earlier in the week:

From Mummy: I’ve just had a good idea.  You run your 6 miles and I’ll run six steps.


This idea is for all my training runs. At this very moment, she owes me a 13-step run; I ran 13 miles earlier.

I have to say, I’m not sure the motivation is quite balanced right yet.  But then again, half way around today, the idea of her being my new training partner did cheer me up no end.  So perhaps it does actually work a treat!

She’s worried about her 26-step run already.

But actually….

She’s been the one who has listened to me go on endlessly about the yucky side effects of the training, gone on about hills, training routes, how I felt this mile, how I stopped and started.  What I can drink and eat, what I can’t drink or eat.  It’s not been fascinating.

She’s even offered to wash my training kit – and I think she has a bit!  That really is dedicated, it’s stinky!  I woke her up early going training throughout our holiday in December.

She’s always sent me a well done text whenever she knew I got there, and she’s coming to stay in Brighton the night before even!  She’s a brave woman – I’m clearly going to be hugely nervous AKA grumpy and unreasonable.

This is just a taste, but there’s been more.

I think she’s part of the FGM Prevention team really – in February she made these fabulous cupcakes for some work we were doing, spreading the word.


She’s really very expert in some of our work and recent legislation!  I remember at the start of this blog and on my fundraising page I tried to explain that in my opinion everyone can be part of this work to end FGM – if ever you doubted me on this, she’s the perfect example.

So whilst I might have been a bit cheeky throughout this blog, it’s only because I couldn’t have got here without her support.  Perhaps I could persuade you dear reader to think about sponsoring her efforts (via my page…), as my poor mum has still got two weeks (and the recovery) to get through too.

Happy Mothering Sunday, Mummy and thank you for being my Team-Chief (alongside rest of wonderful family). LoFi (this is Mother-Daughter lingo which I shan’t explain but translates to Love from Astrid)

Run today:

I nearly put a photo of us up but I think I’d probably get into even more trouble.  If you just imagine, we’re nearly always laughing and all the photos I have of the two of us in the last 6 months include either champagne or cocktails.

Strava year-to-date miles: 273

Days left to go: 14!!

Brighton Marathon, 9 April 2017


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