What could possibly make a 21-mile run fun?

I never thought this was a question I could answer.

  1. TWO very cool VICTORIAN FOOT TUNNELS under the THAMES!!!
  2. The Thames Barrier!
  3. An AIRPORT right next to your run, VROOM!
  4. NHS proportions of annual leave. 🙂

Wow.  (I hope you know that I’m definitely not joking about the top three.)

Strava has yet again gone a bit woo on this – it is ONLY 21 miles, not the big number displayed.  (It is still 21 miles though…)


Now whilst I fall asleep, here’s that little link I keep including: www.goldengiving.com/fundraising/astrids-marathon

And I completely forgot to take a pic of the top of the second tunnel.  I blame fatigue.  Or getting over the sheer excitement of TWO FOOT TUNNELS under the THAMES!


One thought on “What could possibly make a 21-mile run fun?

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