Mixed efforts…

I’m back again, still chatting about my marathon training but this week has been a bit mixed effort I’m afraid.

To recap:

  • Monday – blog 1, 18 miles. But I’ve already gone on about this.
  • Tuesday – Friday, mixed training, little run, aerobics, tap dancing (the first person who thinks that tap dancing doesn’t count I hope feels obliged to at least sponsor someone else running a marathon if not me!). All in all, OK.
  • Friday evening – chatter to my dear mum about how worried I am that with 6 weeks to go I cannot get ill or hurt, fully intend to avoid everyone who even looks the slightest bit poorly, and will be outrageously unfriendly to the world from now on as insurance policy. I can NOT get ill.
  • Saturday morning – Body Attack followed by a slightly smug feeling remembering how the same class used to be a lot more difficult. 
  • Saturday evening and more. A BUG. A nasty mean horrid bug which wiped me out for 24 hours and which utterly ruined my chances of a long run this week.  Harrumph. I’m most annoyed, still. And I’m not going to overshare about it. Harrumph and grapes.

I’ve even more annoyed as this is only week two of my chattering to you, and I hoped if catastrophe were to hit, it would be in a few weeks time once I’d proven my jogging credentials. I’m going to trust you to trust me readers, this is a mere blip!

In December I did lots of 7am runs on holiday. Whilst purporting to prove my credentials, evidencing the beach I ran on, this is more an excuse to enjoy a lovely photo again 3 months later.

So back to training ASAP for me, but donwtime meant a chance to review a fantastic flurry of TV programs featuring FGM. And so onto the other purpose of this blog, to share with you more about why FGM is going to get me back to jogging for genitals.

  • Call the Midwife, series 6, episode 6now I rather like many a CtM episode but the way they feature FGM is superb. I can’t imagine a better Sunday evening 9pm BBC drama frankly. 
  • Imagine…She Spoke the Unspeakable – from the BBC, this is a documentary by Alan Yentob as part of his imagine series about Nawal El Saadawi, an incredible Egyptian feminist who has fought throughout her life against injustice, and in particular has been a hugely influential writer and activist against FGM.
  • No Offence, series 2, episode 7 – this C4 crime drama is gritty, sweary, and tackles a whole host more child abuse than FGM alone, not for the faint hearted flowers amongst us. But they do justice to the storyline of FGM, with far more respect than we feared. Definitely post-watershed viewing (Mummy-F, not the best one for you… though I would never ever suggest you are faint hearted) (Readers, have I got away with this?).

©BBC Imagine and Call the Midwife, 2017, images from iPlayer

These programs cover documentary, period drama, police drama. Egypt / Somalia / Pakistan are portrayed. Young childhood through to adult pre-marriage cutting happens. I could go on, as these program have brought out even more of the ways FGM can be different across so many communities, because so much of the media portrayal recently has not picked up on these many differences.
And much as I put the responsibility (blame) on Radio 4 and/or my dear brother last week for this jolly old marathon lark, it’s the fact that over 200 million women in the world have FGM still that’s making me have the sheer nerve to ask for sponsorship for doing what I can to traipse and fallollop around the course. If you are able, I would be grateful for any donations to support the Divinity Foundation in their work to help girls fleeing FGM in Kenya. Watching one of these three programs may I hope explain more of what is making sure I actually get up and run many more times in the next 6 weeks in the cold and rain. Brr.

I’m going to carry on with the endless washing of black lycra this marathon seems to be causing, and continue with my quest for 20 flat paths within reasonable driving distance of home. I’m a huge fan of Roman roads as many of you will know, but I still can’t find one which fits my apparently demanding criteria. Straight, yes. But straight, flat, newsagent-ridden (aka snack / drink providers), whilst looping back to where I started (yes, one definition of infinity does allow for this, comments to my tutors at the Open University maths dept) and with a shower and my car/home at the end, apparently even the Romans couldn’t manage this. Thank you for reading!

Miles to date – I’ll tell you again next week! 

Time until the big run – 5 weeks and 6 days, Brighton Marathon 9 April 2017

Bugs or injuries I’m willing to entertain – zero


2 thoughts on “Mixed efforts…

  1. Go for it Lady Astrid, I’m right behind you, about 26 miles with a pint and bacon buttie.
    I hope there is no irony for you running 26 miles for FGM in tight rubbing Lycra! *ouch


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